tournament info

  • If you choose to pay "Offline" All Checks should be made payable to "Overtime" and sent to the address below:

                 10725 N Executive CT
                 Mequon, WI 53092

  • Teams choosing to cancel must notify (info@otbasketball.com) 30 days before the tournament otherwise no refund will be awarded 

  • the schedule for the tournament will be emailed to each coach on the Monday before the tournament begins

  • (3) games guaranteed for single-day tournaments

  • (4) games guaranteed for two-day tournaments

  • Winning teams will receive medals (Maximum of 12)

  • Each team must provide a scorekeeper

  • Only one coach may stand during the game

  • If you did not receive a confirmation receipt upon registering for one of our events, please check your junk mail or shoot us an email (info@otbasketball.com)


  • Overall record

  • Head to head

  • Most points earned (all 3 games)

    • Winning team = Gets amount of points won by (Max of 15)

    • Losing team = Gets subtracted points (Max of 15)

  • Least amount of points given up (all 3 games)

  • Back to head to head

  • Free-Throw shoot out

    • 3 girls shoot from each team

      • Most free-throws made wins

Regular Game Rules


  • (2) 18-minute halves


  • The clock will only stop in the final minute of each half and for timeouts


  • Half-time will be 2 minutes


  • Warm-ups will be 3 minutes or less depending on game schedule adherence


  • Overtime will be 1 minute, the clock will only stop on free throws in overtime

  • 2nd Overtime will be sudden death


  • Five (5) personal fouls per individual player will be allowed before disqualification


  • Technical fouls will result in 2 points and possession of the ball


  • Flagrant or Intentional fouls will result in 2 points and possession of the ball


  • After 2nd technical foul, participant will be ejected from the game


  • Game ejection will result in a suspension of the following game


  • On the 7th team foul per half, teams will shoot single bonus free throws (No double bonus will be used)

  • On free throws, players can only enter the lane once the ball hits the rim

  • Ages U9 & U10 may take one step in on their free throws

  • All other ages must shoot behind the free-throw line

  • (3) 30-second timeouts will be awarded to each team at the start of the game. A maximum of (2) timeouts can be used in the 2nd half. If you do not use a timeout in the 1st half, you will not be able to carry over a 3rd timeout into the 2nd half. In the case of overtime, timeouts will carry over from the 2nd half. There will be no additional timeouts given in overtime. 


  • Mercy Rule: If at any point in the game a team is leading by 20 points or more, the clock will run through any dead ball, except for timeouts.


  • Once a team is up by 20, no full-court press will be allowed


  • No press or zone allowed for grades 3rd - 5th. Full court press will be allowed for these ages in the final minute of the game.


ELAM ENDING RULES (Only for Elam Ending Tournaments)

  • A target score will be determined after the first dead ball stoppage under 4 minutes in the second half

  • The target score is the leading team's score after the first dead ball under 4 minutes plus 8 points added on to that score

  • Whichever team reaches the target score first is the winner of the game

  • Fouls and timeouts remain the same for the Elam Ending

    • Each team gets two (2) timeouts per half​

    • On the 7th team foul per half, teams will shoot single bonus free throws (No double bonus will be used)