Game Rules


  • (2) 18-minute halves


  • Clock will only stop the final 2 minutes of every half


  • Half-time will be 3 minutes 


  • Warm-ups will be 3-5 minutes depending on game schedule adherence


  • Overtime will be 2 minutes, clock will stop the final 1 minute of overtime period


  • 2nd Overtime will be sudden death


  • Five (5) personal fouls per individual player will be allowed before disqualification


  • Technical fouls will result in 2 points and possession of the ball


  • Flagrant or Intentional fouls will result in 2 points and possession of the ball


  • After 2nd technical foul participant will be ejected from the game


  • Game ejection will result in a suspension of the following game


  • On the 7th team foul per half, teams will shoot single bonus free throws (No double bonus will be used)


  • Two (2) timeouts awarded per half, no carry over. Overtime period will allow an additional one (1) timeout.


  • Mercy Rule: If at any point in the game a team is leading by 20 points or more, the clock will run through any dead ball, with the exception of timeouts.


  • Once a team is up by 20, no full court press will be allowed


  • No press or zone allowed for grades 3rd through 5th, Fullcourt press will be allowed for these ages the final 2 minutes of each half.


  • There will be NO handshake line after the game!