Policies & Regulations

-Teams will be responsible for supplying a scorekeeper or someone to run the clock. We ask that you use good judgment in selecting an individual to fulfill this assignment.

-Coaches must check in at the registration table 45 minutes prior to their teams first scheduled game. 

-No refunds will be given 10 days prior to the tournament date. 

-There is an admission charge for adults and children age 5+ (coaches are free-max 2 per team.) ​​

-Coaches may stand unless the receive a technical foul.

-If a coach or player is ejected, they will not be able to participate in the next game.

-We ask all spectators to be curteous and respect all refs, players and coaches. Any spectator who receives two warnings by either ref or staff will be asked to leave the facility. 

Length of Game

-U9-U14 will play two 18 minute running halves, U15-U17 will play two 20 minute running halves.

-Halftime will last 2-3 minutes depending on scheduled game time.

-Warmups will be 3-5 minutes depending on scheduled game time.


-2 minute running clock for 1st and 2nd overtime and 1 minute for any additional overtime.

-One 45 second timeout per overtime. No carryovers from regulation or between overtimes.


-four 45 second timeouts per game. No limit per half.

Foul Rules

-Players are allowed 5 personal fouls. Once a player receives their 5th foul, they will be disqualified for the remainder of the game.

-At the 7th team foul in a half, the opposing team shoots 1&1.

-Double bonus will begin at 10 team fouls each half.

-All technical fouls will result in 2 free throws and possession of the ball.


-All defenses are allowed, including zone & full court press. No full court press or half-court trapping after a 20-point lead (15-points in 3rd & 4th grades.)

-All players must have the same jersey color, with their individual numbers on the back. The first team listed is the home team and the home team will wear white or lighter color jersey.

-Coaches and players must wear a mask at all times on the bench. If the coach refuses to wear a mask the team will forfeit the game. 

-A team must have four players to start a game and three players to finish. Once a team is down to two players regardless of the score, the game is over and the team with two players loses. 

-3rd-6th grade boys and girls will use a 28.5" ball. A 29.5" ball may be used for 6th grade boys if both coaches agree.

-There is an admission charge for adults and children age 5+ (coaches are free-max 2 per team.) ​​

Elam Ending Rules

-Elam ending calls for the clock to be shut off at the first dead ball under four minutes in the second half. A target score is then established by adding eight points to the leadings team score.

Overtime Safety Precautions

-All Post game handshakes will be eliminated.

-Spectators will be limited to 2 family members per player.

-There will be multiple sanitation stations throughout the facility.

-There will be no hard copy schedules posted on site. Please head to the tournament schedule  on our website to view schedule.

-Team Benches will be sanitized between games

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